Joint balance

A complete and balanced dietetic pet food for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.

ERVD Joint Balance is the first complete and balanced raw dietetic pet food specifically composed for adult dogs suffering from joint problems. It meets all characteristics, both legal and scientific, that are associated with diets formulated for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.


  • Enriched with additional omega-3 fatty acids/EPA according to Directive 2008/38 EC for feed for Particular Nutritional Purpose. Omega-3 fatty acid and EPA content are respectively 3.52% and 0.59% on dry matter (DM) basis.
  • Green-lipped mussel concentrate and shark cartilage powder provide glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, both natural building blocks for cartilage.
  • Including added gelatine hydrolysate (1%) to support joint function.
  • Added antioxidants such as vitamin A and E help the body to counteract oxidative damage.
  • Supplemented with L-carnitine to support fat oxidation.
  • A variety of vegetables and prebiotic fibres supports a healthy intestinal function.
  • Guaranteed free of artificial colouring agents, flavourings or preservatives.


Beef 34% (lung, kidney, rumen, heart, liver), chicken 32% (muscle meat, carcass), salmon 8%, broccoli, rice, endive, red beet (dried), carrot, rapeseed oil, fish oil, chicory pulp (dried), beet pulp (dried), gelatin hydrolyzate, cellulose, vitamins, minerals, shark cartilage powder, mussel concentrate, chondroitin sulfate, L-carnitine (0.02%).

Analytical constituents:

Protein 13.6%, Fat content 10.1%, Crude fiber 1.9%, Crude ash 2.6%, Moisture 65.6%, Calcium 0.50%, Phosphorus 0.35%, Omega-3 1.25%, EPA 0.21%, Vitamin E 253 mg/kg.

Nutritional additives per kg:

Vit. A (3a672a) 6,500 I.U., Vit. D3 (3a671) 650 I.U., Vit. E (3a700) 250 mg, Iron (3b103) 50 mg, Iodine (3b202) 0.75 mg, Copper (Copper (II)sulfate (II)) 5.0 mg, Manganese (3b503) 20 mg, Zinc (3b605) 50 mg, Selenium (sodium selenite) 0.15 mg.

Raw Veterinary Diets Joint Balance is guaranteed free of artificial aromatic substances, colouring agents, flavourings or preservatives.

Daily food quantities:

Open the pdf file to consult our extensive feeding schedule.

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Available at your veterinary clinic
Available at your veterinary clinic

Raw Veterinary Diets are frozen diets and are exclusively available at veterinary clinics.

Ask your vet about the appropriate Raw Veterinary Diet for your dog.