Would you, as a veterinarian, like to have more information?

Energique Raw Veterinary Diets cab also be obtained for your veterinary clinic.

Raw Veterinary Diets are currently available at the following veterinary clinics:


      Energique Raw Veterinary Diets can be purchased at veterinary clinics. If your vet is not offering Raw Veterinary Diets yet, you may ask him or her to contact us to purchase it for you. On the website, on the page “Availability”, the veterinary clinics that currently sell Raw Veterinary Diets near you can be found.

      No, Energique Raw Veterinary Diets can only be purchased through veterinary clinics. This to assure that you receive proper guidance by a veterinarian when your dog receives a veterinary diet for its health problem. In addition, proper handling is of primary importance to guarantee safe feeding of a raw meat diet, which begins with proper cooled transport of the products. When transporting frozen products directly to customers it is of importance that the products are transported and delivered under cooled conditions, which cannot be guaranteed by most of the online resellers.